Single Mom Friday Zen

by mssinglemama on May 1, 2009

Shopping for the pieces and parts to make a necklace for single moms is not easy.

Which is a lovely thing to figure out after you’ve had a leaf tattooed on your back. I am not giving up though. Nope. Instead I’m now shopping for a leaf necklace partner on Hoping one of them will respond to my e-mails saying “Hey, how would you like to make hundreds of that gorgeous necklace?”

We shall see…

In the meantime, while I wait for a response, I figured I’d let you all in on the decision making process. In exchange for your feedback I’m giving one of you a necklace! And besides…

I want and cherish your opinion on everything so why not on the necklaces you’ll be wearing. 

Look at the necklaces and then vote on your favorite. If two of them are tied or anything I’ll just offer both. (assuming the sellers are game). If they aren’t I’ll take off for India and find the pendants so I can make them myself or I’ll find one similar.

I put the list price next to these to give you an indication of about how much it will cost.

Leave a comment naming the necklace you like and why and you’ll be entered for a chance to win that necklace! 

And without further ado the necklaces please...

Necklace #1 – Brass Leaf – $16.00


[I like this one, minus the little flower. So that would be gone.]

Necklace #2 = Silver Pendant -$46.00


Necklace #3 – Mother Child – UPDATE – price is $42.00 on this one.

il_430xn65437578I love this one because the two leaves represent a mother and a child. But I would prefer it in brass or gold, not the silver. So if you vote for this assume it is in both colors. If you leave a comment that you like this one I may or may not be able to get it for you because it’s sold out, so leave your second favorite as well.

Necklace #4 – Mint Charm Leaf-  $24.00


[This is a teeny, tiny mint leaf. But I kind of like it because you could wear the pendant every day and with other necklaces. You could also add other pendants too it and make it your own unique charm necklace, like this one.]

First vote here for your favorite:

Then leave a comment with your favorite necklace and you’ll be entered to win it! 

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