The wow factor.

by mssinglemama on April 26, 2009

There are few material things that ever really wow me. 

Here are two.

Benjamin’s new “water boots”.


For the first time in three years Benjamin’s father bought him a pair of shoes.

He had no way of knowing this but I’ve been trying to find a cool pair of puddle stomping boots for months. But they never had Benjamin’s size or they were just too cartoony. These are perfect.

We’re about to enter week three of our two nights a week arrangement and with each week my ex is being more responsive, more engaged as a father and even more attentive to my concerns and my needs. I’m not over analyzing it, wondering why now or what next. I’m just enjoying this and fanning the flames of hope.

The future doesn’t have to be so  frightening. I make it frightening as a defense mechanism. It’s a bad habit to break but I’m working on it. 

My Ford Fiesta.

I am absolutely divinely head over heels in love with my new ride. 


I just got home last night but Benjamin and I were out and about all day cruising. 

Now I’m wiped out. 

I have a lot of video to edit, some posts to write and a secret self-induced single mama mission to tell you about. I just had to go rogue and get a jump start on this whole mission thing. The story will have to wait until I sleep and catch up on everything else. 

Until then check out my Fiesta Movement Training Flickr pictures. Start with this picture of me on Lake Michigan in Chicago. Sigh. Then head over to Morgan’s Flickr of the trip because she is actually a photographer. Her shots are, as usual, out of this world.

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