Single Mom Dating Zen: Lions & Tigers

by mssinglemama on April 23, 2009

What if there are two men?

There’s the tiger who has no rules.

He has traces of warmth and is even very sweet but he’s healing, refusing to feel. His hurt is palpable and it makes you angry that some young childless thing broke this perfect man for the rest of us. Didn’t she see what she had?

Just one look from him can induce a dizzy confusion that makes you lose your breath. And while you have your standards and your priorities to keep, every once in a while every girl just wants some fun especially when she’s too busy for much else.

Then there’s the lion who is strong and confident.

When you meet him at the park each long arm is moving in tandem with the other, pushing his swinging children who seem light as air. They’re laughing, they’re happy.  He tells you he only wants what is best for them and these words speak volumes to his single parent philosophy. When he meets your son he asks him, “What is your favorite, a lion or a tiger?”

The question seems like fate as just the night before you were teaching him the difference. He has a southern drawl and uses words, like “pardon”, that make your stomach tingle so you ask for his number. He reads your blog but rather than running away as you thought he might he calls your heart “rare”.

Now you have a date set for next week and you’re nervous already, wondering if you can possibly be as good as he thinks you are.


Dating should be fun. As soon as a guy tips that fun to pain-in-the-ass scale, he’s out. We’re single moms. We don’t have time to dick around, unless that’s what we’re in the mood for…

Again. Fun vs. Pain in the Ass. Keep that balance tipped always and you’ll be okay.

It’s not like this is new. Here’s something I wrote over on year ago in my post, “Is Marriage Out of Style“:

Dating for me, as for most single mothers, is now completely different. The men don’t have the same effect on me. They’re now secondary to my child, my career and myself. Being in love doesn’t even feel the same.

As much as I hate dating games, this one looks like a lot of fun! It’s portable so you can use them as ice breakers. Just leave a comment to be entered.


The game is courtesy of Sherri at who I featured in that marriage post above. You should definitely check out that web site. It’s an amazing resource for any of us who are single and happy to be so.

What are you in the mood for a lion or a tiger? Or maybe a bear? What about all three? Leave a comment and consider yourself entered.

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