by mssinglemama on April 20, 2009

I’ve been hiding my location, or attempting to, since starting this blog.

I deliberately chose not to reveal my city to avoid that one in a million chance that a psycho would decide to stalk and/or kill me. You never know. And being a single mom, living alone with my son, I think it’s logical to be safe rather than sorry.

Having once been on a very popular morning radio show in this same city, I also prefer and cherish my anonymity. I didn’t want everyone around me knowing of or reading this blog. It’s a very odd feeling, not always a comfortable one.

But, now, a number of factors are forcing me to “out” myself.

One being that upcoming magazine article, the second being the Ford Fiesta Movement and the third being my craving to just tell you where I am, because I love my little, big city – Columbus, Ohio.

We live in Grandview just a few miles away from our beautiful Downtown, which sadly, is typically empty.



All of the people are usually just north of the downtown and very near our apartment in an eclectic, artsy neighborhood bursting with galleries, restaurants and boutiques called the Short North.


(See? We have cute clothes in Ohio! Very cute clothes.)

Our apartment is just a quick two minute drive to that horse shoe shapped stadium, not sure what goes down there but it usually involves a lot of drunk people in scarlet and gray shirts. And a tad further north is the first house I ever lived in on Webster Park in Clintonville. Just a few blocks from that house is the home where my father was raised by his single mother.

The city is also home to the cutest boy on Earth, even when he has crusty shit all over his face.


Just an hour and a half down the road is my hometown and one of the most magical places on Earth – Athens, Ohio. Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, Athens has a hold on my soul as it does on anyone who has ever been lucky enough to live there or to attend Ohio University.

And right now, there’s no place I’d rather be.

You’ll probably be seeing more telling photographs of Benjamin and I’s adventures in Columbus and where ever else the road takes us. Now that I’m “out” I’d like to meet some of you. I’ll be hosting a playdate soon and even sooner, a Tweetup in Columbus so keep up with me here for details.


When we were taking these pictures and hopping around from adventure to adventure on Saturday something very, very funny happened on the State House lawn involving a man.

Apparently Benjamin is getting a bit protective of his mama. Read about it here.

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