Single Mom Friday Zen, II

by mssinglemama on March 27, 2009

Buy yourself something. 

Every once in a while, buying yourself a big present is totally okay. Especially when – nearly three years later – you’ve paid off the massive debt you assumed when you realized your bankrupt ex-husband’s credit card was also in your name. 

If you do splurge, pass on the fancy jeans and new shoes for something like a camera so you can capture moments like this…


You’ll stop to let them happen


even if it means your kid will be soaked to the bone.


Because who wants to go to the park when there are puddles to be had?


And then you’ll be completely surprised when your little Fun Haver finally stops, crouches down and says through chattering teeth, “Home Mommy. Let’s go home.”


And then during his race to warmth,  you catch his face


seriously, seriously pissed that with every bit of joy in life there’s always a dash of pain.

Like freezing toes and a soggy diaper. 

But it sure is nice to have a mommy around to make it all better.

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