My Camera (and My Aprons).

by mssinglemama on March 27, 2009

You’re all asking about the camera. 

I thought you might but I didn’t want to shock you with the sticker price of my newest toy in my last post.

To me, $679.00 is a hell of a lot of money but I splurged on this puppy anyway. Why? Because life is too damn short not to have excellent photographs of your child (if you can afford to have them. Fortunately I can, so I bought it). Three years ago if you would have told me I would be financially ahead again I would have told you, “It takes me three years?”

And then I would have promptly drowned myself in the nearest pond.

Three years seems like a long time when you’re staring down a barrel of your ex-husband’s incredible credit card debt*, have a baby to feed and are living in your mother’s house. Especially when – up until that point – you were completely financially independent and ahead (all. of. the. time.).

So when I paid off his debt last month I decided to invest in yet another life weapon. 

Yes a life weapon. 

Something that makes life easier or better.

A good camera is one of them.  

Here is a picture I took of my apron curtain with my old camera – the Sony Cyber Shot.


I’ve been using the Cyber Shot for nearly one year now and most of the photos and videos you’ve seen on my blog were taken with it. I love that camera and highly recommend it to all of you. It’s a hefty $229.00 but worth every single penny.

Since buying the awesome Cyber Shot I’ve developed a bit of a passion and craving for better pictures. So I bit the bullet and invested in a Canon Rebel XSi which is about twice as much. I feel like I bought a porsche and have no clue how to drive it… but I’m an Aries – what can I say? And I’m learning, shot by shot. 

Look at the difference already…


Those are the stories of my two cameras.

I’ll be keeping the Cyber Shot for videos like this one but if I win that Ford Fiesta I may have to upgrade my video camera as well. [They’ll be telling me if I’m a Ford Fiesta agent later this week!!!]


I found the apron curtain at an antique fair in Texas years ago.

The entire bundle was only $10.00. When I moved into this apartment I found them packed up in a box, where I’d delicately stored them while packing to leave my husband. Soon the aprons would be in storage along with everything else I owned. I wouldn’t see them again until one year later when I moved out of my mother’s and into Benjamin and I’s first real home.

They’ve been hanging up in that window ever since. 

Each of those aprons carries a piece of the souls of the women who made them. And I think they’d all be very proud of me… of all of us. 


To avoid having to assume a current husband or soon to be ex-husband’s credit card debt be sure every card he’s using is in his name only. DOUBLE CHECK. The bank may have fooled you when they signed him up for card. Run a credit check on yourself before you even bring up the idea of divorce. Get those things moved around before he suspects that you’re really leaving. Then there’s no way he can run up the card (when it’s in your name), stop paying the bills (when it’s in your name) and risk your credit score. I had no choice but to assume the debt to save my credit score. The court ruled that he would have to pay me back but he eventually went bankrupt and was excused from it all. 

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