Fiesta, Fiesta!

by mssinglemama on March 22, 2009

Benjamin’s party went off without a hitch. Miraculously.

Somehow – between Benjamin’s birthday on Wednesday and his party on Saturday – I managed (with Mia’s help) to morph my upstairs guest room into an office and my living room into – well – just a living room. I even had time to decorate with daisies. 


[For all of you who are curious about my on going apartment makeover, here are the pictures on my Flickr account].

I snapped this self-portrait before the party to prove to myself and all of you that I had not lost my mind along the way. 



Totally calm, cool, collected and ready to host a house full of guests. I even have an apron on. A fucking apron. Oh my how times have changed. 

Mia and Sydney were two of the first to arrive. Mia, who is doing amazingly well, took a moment to enjoy the wine.


Then we popped outside just in time to foil Sydney and Benjamin’s plot to run away with each other. They were not happy about it.


One of my guests, an older gentlemen who shall remain unnamed, brought a bottle of Jack Daniels and gave shots to a few of us. How do you say no to a gray haired cheery fellow who looks so wise?

“C’mon, it will help you relax,” his crystal blue eyes are twinkling with mischief through the wrinkles surrounding them.

By the time my older sister and sister-in-law arrived we were all a little tipsy – not the best ingredients when you are under the watchful eyes of  relatives. But my friends and I carried on. I’m sure having slightly drunk adults at a child’s birthday party will go down in family history as one of my many shining accomplishments. 

With Benjamin’s birthday behind us I had time for another fiesta… a Ford Fiesta. 

Ford e-mailed me a few weeks ago encouraging me to enter the Fiesta Movement video contest because apparently I’m an influential blogger and social media maven (shhhh… don’t tell them the truth). The winners get to drive a new Ford Fiesta for six months. 

With the few moments we had this morning Benjamin and I made our entry video. I was trying to be all professional and Ford Fiesta worthy but Benjamin wouldn’t have it. I didn’t notice until I was editing, but right in the middle of this video he  actually picks his nose and eats the booger. And then he starts smacking his lips as if he’s just feasted on a delicious delicacy.

I’m sure that will go over really well. [Dear Ford: If you give Benjamin and I your Fiesta we’ll be sure to smear your car in toddler goo and boogers.]

Regardless, here’s our Ford Fiesta Movement Video:


Wish us luck. And watch it over and over again (if you can bear it – I think they’re looking at video view count).

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