Neither here, nor there.

by mssinglemama on February 26, 2009

I’m not sure where this little vacation will take us.

But our much needed reprieve from life will be just in time to catch the Joshua trees blooming.


Spring hits early there.

The Joshua Tree National Park lies directly in the path of two merging deserts. One more lush and green, where the Joshua trees grow, and the other dry and filled with cactus and shrubs.

The past and the future.

Lately mine have been going at it. My past will always be a part of who I am, as it is for all of us, but it needs to move into the back seat and let the future drive. I’m not sure why – maybe because I’m about to turn 30 or maybe because I’m just ready – but I have an overwhelming feeling that something is brewing, something big.

But first, my future has to beat the shit out of my past.

I’m hoping it leaves all of those shattered pieces in that desert.


I am completely prepared for this flight, thanks to you. We’ve got wrapped present surprises, books, flash cards, movies, a spare outfit, a car seat, a stroller and tons of sugar-free treats.

Not quite sure what I’d do without all of you.

And thanks again for cheering me on in my fight against the evil nicotine. I’m still winning. Cold turkey, baby, and I feel fantastic. Finally. 9 days later.

I’ll be back with tons of stories and pictures on Tuesday – 3/2. In the meantime, keep up with me on Twitter. I’ll be posting updates there. And if you’re bored as hell check out the Best of MSM with all of my favorite posts.

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