Toxic Friends

by mssinglemama on February 20, 2009

Have you seen the new Momversation series? I love these videos.

And this question really hit home for me. I have had quite a few toxic friendships in my days and yes, breaking up with a woman is a helluva lot harder than dumping a dude. Check this out.

Do you have toxic friendships? It’s critical for us single moms to only keep good friends in our lives. Anyone who drains, strains or just makes you feel yucky needs to go – no matter what the reason.


Speaking of friends (not toxic ones). Morgan is on her way up for a weekend visit with Lucca. Can’t wait! And still can’t believe she’s so close.

And Benjamin and I are just one week away from our trip to California.

If you haven’t already – save the date for our play date in Los Angeles with Matt & Maddy. I also ┬ájust found out that Rebecca Woolf (Girl’s Gone Child) is coming. Needless to say I am freaking out. Rebecca is like the blogging worlds Angelina Jolie – she should have her own promotional mugs, yeah, she’s that cool.

Good times with good (non-toxic) friends in the very near future. And no toxic cigarettes will be a part of the equation.

So… tell me about your toxic friendships.

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