Oh snap. This is hard.

by mssinglemama on February 18, 2009

I haven’t had a cigarette in 48 hours.

Feel free to cheer me on. I need it. Because on the inside this is how I feel:


Also on my list of shit that’s really messing with me:

  • Benjamin is sick as hell. He’s had a fever for three days. Now I’m feeling sick.
  • I had to work from home today. Huge projects due. I’m frustrated. Wishing I could do it all and knowing I can’t.
  • I just opened iPhoto and realized that I lost over one month of photos including tons of pictures of Benjamin. At least my favorites are on Flickr, but still, this is not cool.

I apologize for my griping.

But I really am completely pre-occupied right now. Can’t lie. If you’re looking for an awesome question to ponder check out my latest post for WeTV on the things I would never do. I’m really curious to hear yours.

I hope smoking is on your list. And I promise to be back at it and in better spirits within the next 48 hours.

Speaking of smoking – what are your vices? We all have them don’t we?

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