Pardon the Blog Interruption

by mssinglemama on February 15, 2009

But my kid is a fricking stud muffin.


I’m sorry. I just can’t take it. Would you look at that face? He’s going to be a heart breaker.

But he will not be a bad boy, I’ll be sure of that.


If my little soon to be three-year-old can haul heavy wood down stairs then we can all handle some heavy lifting around here.

My website is about to undergo another makeover.

This will (hopefully) be the last one in a long time… so be patient and bear with us as we move things around. [Should be over by tonight] The guy behind the scenes helping me out is Brad, a WordPress guru and the master of my digital universe. The new design is by another dear friend of mine – as you’ll see soon he’s extremely talented. If you need any blog work or help from either of these two just let me know.

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