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February 2009

Neither here, nor there.

February 26, 2009

I’m not sure where this little vacation will take us. But our much needed reprieve from life will be just in time to catch the Joshua trees blooming. Spring hits early there. The Joshua Tree National Park lies directly in the path of two merging deserts. One more lush and green, where the Joshua trees […]

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The “wrong” Wal-Mart

February 24, 2009

“Waste some money on this honey,” a man said as I whisked through the automatic doors on a mission to find Benjamin plane toys and a new car seat. His buddy laughed. “Were they just talking to me?” I asked myself silently. Then I looked up and around and I realized I’d just walked into […]

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Moral Dilemma

February 23, 2009

It should be interesting… We’ll be at Shane’s Inspiration playground (Griffith Park). Word has it there’s a carousel. Just bring yourselves and your kids. And you don’t have to be a single parent or even a parent to show up – everyone is invited. When: March 1st, 2009 – 3:00 – 5:30 p.m. What: Just […]

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Old habits.

February 22, 2009

They die hard. Still haven’t had a cigarette. Went through some major withdrawal attacks this weekend but Morgan was there to cheer me on… and I made it. This is hard though. I miss them already. Those evil little cancer sticks. I’m not sure if I can do this. I’m just not. But I know […]

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Toxic Friends

February 20, 2009

Have you seen the new Momversation series? I love these videos. And this question really hit home for me. I have had quite a few toxic friendships in my days and yes, breaking up with a woman is a helluva lot harder than dumping a dude. Check this out. Do you have toxic friendships? It’s […]

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Almost there…

February 19, 2009

The first time I thought of leaving my husband I was just 8 weeks pregnant. He was unemployed again and spent his days parked on the couch without a care or worry. “I’ll get a job when I need to, just stop to talk, half a bag of edamame, half of a mediterranean pizza and […]

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Oh snap. This is hard.

February 18, 2009

I haven’t had a cigarette in 48 hours. Feel free to cheer me on. I need it. Because on the inside this is how I feel: Also on my list of shit that’s really messing with me: Benjamin is sick as hell. He’s had a fever for three days. Now I’m feeling sick. I had […]

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A reminder and a secret.

February 16, 2009

My man diet, I have realized, could be more than just a diet. In fact, the longer I go without one the less I want one. The “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mantra is now stuck on repeat. A problem I’m sure is very common for single parents. But is it really a […]

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Pardon the Blog Interruption

February 15, 2009

My website is about to undergo another makeover. This will (hopefully) be the last one in a long time… so be patient and bear with us as we move things around. [Should be over by tonight] The guy behind the scenes helping me out is Brad, a WordPress guru and the master of my digital […]

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Come say hi.

February 15, 2009

Meet Matt and Maddie Logelin at a play date in Los Angeles with Ms. Single Mama and Benjamin. Should be a ton of fun!

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