Top 5 Sexiest Twitter Dudes

by mssinglemama on January 23, 2009

Twitter is sexy?

Um. Yeah. It is.

Here’s a news flash, people don’t just like Twitter because of the information we can share and the friendships we can form – the place is also a gigantic flirtatious chat room. Think about it. We all flirt every day in the flesh – why not on Twitter?

If you’re not on Twitter yet – you will be sign up (takes a few seconds) and start following these guys. 

The 5 Sexiest Dudes on Twitter

1. @PeteCashmore

He’s smart, he’s sexy, he commutes from Scotland to San Francisco and he’s the CEO of And with a follower count of over 38,000 I think it’s fair to call him the Prince Charming of social media. See another picture of Pete here on his Twitter profile.

2. @bs

Smart is the new sexy but this guy is beyond smart — he falls asleep dreaming in code. Just read his Tweet up there. Amazing. Right now he’s working on, an online application he believes could be just as big, if not bigger than Twitter. 

3. @Baby_Obama

Funny is sexy. I have no idea what this guy really looks like but he makes me laugh on a daily basis. That is hot. (And so is that picture of President Obama – GO Obama!). Follow Baby Obama – whoever he is – here. Follow up reading – here’s a list of the best Fake Twitter Users.

4. @GetDanNow

Ummm… yeah, I want to Get Dan Now. [Hint: to see a larger picture click here] Dan is the CEO of AccentU8Marketing, an interactive branding and marketing firm in Sydney, Australia. Oh and he’s also a professional snowboarder. Follow him here.


5. @StevenBJohnson

I can’t remember how I stumbled upon Steven but his blue eyes even radiate through a tiny Twitter avatar. Here’s a full blown shot. A married father to three boys, Steven is totally taken. But us Twitter girls can still admire him. In addition to creating three companies he’s also written six books – if you have a second check out his most recent book, Invention of Air.

And more of my favorite Dude Twitterers:


Who are your Twitter crushes? Am I the only one who has them? That would be embarrassing. For the record, I have yet to actually date someone I’ve met on Twitter but I’m sure that’s not going to last… Twitter is the future. Seriously. And if you have a blog – it’s an incredibly powerful way to drive traffic to your site, share posts and keep an eye on the buzz of the day.

Follow me on Twitter here – @mssinglemama.

If you want to see more beautiful men check out my post on the Top 10 Most Beautiful Men in the World (with video).

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