Holy crap, People.

by mssinglemama on January 16, 2009

There’s nothing more surreal than seeing your friend in People Magazine.

Okay, I’m sure being in People would be even more surreal. But still opening it up this morning and seeing Matt, Liz and Madeline was quite an experience. All of this is overwhelming Matt (but in a good way).

Matt and I will be seeing each other again very soon… so excited! More details on that to come. And at the end of February I’m taking Benjamin along with me to the Los Angeles so he can meet Maddie. He’s a big fan of blondes so I think it will be love at first sight.

Go pick up today’s issue if you haven’t already.

And if you have a moment check out the Liz Logelin Foundation website (just went live today) where you can make a donation using PayPal or post one of the Foundation’s badges on your blog. The proceeds will go to young widows or widowers with children.

Can’t think of a better cause and it’s all for the love of Liz.


And also – the winners to my Fresh Start Contest:

[The nice people at OnlinePosterPrinting.com threw in two extra poster prints – one for Mia and one for another lucky winner. I’ve also decided to give her my copy of Getting Naked Again – the book is crazy good if you’re trying to get back out there and date. I can’t put it down.]

Poster Winners:

April K., Kristina, Molly and Mia.

Book Winners:

Jamie, Kat, Christine, Heather and Ali.

Thanks to everyone who entered! More contests to come – eventually everyone will have a prize, I swear. May take a while though.

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