Single Moms and Love

by mssinglemama on December 7, 2008

Finally! My video of Morgan and Ronnie is finished.

We shot this on my trip to Kentucky with Mr. Man a few weeks ago… I think you’ll find their advice on being a dating single mom and finding love incredibly valuable. As you know, there are no easy answers. Some of the questions we address in the video:

  • What is it like for a man dating a single mom?
  • What should single moms look out for, or avoid, while dating?
  • And, why is it so important to take your time and choose wisely?

Just last week, Morgan announced on her blog that Ronnie is ring shopping and I think – as you’ll see here – that they are a match made in Heaven.

If you have anything to add – any other dating or love advice for single moms – leave a comment!

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