Pumpkin Pie.

by mssinglemama on November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving rocked!

We spent my four days off out at Grandma’s and I have the crazy pictures to prove it. I was going to write a big, long, slightly cheesy post tonight but instead I’m going wtih all of these pictures.

Here’s Benjamin refusing to put on a hat and giving me a familiar look of defiant independence I imagine only my own spawn could muster.

Look at that face! Doesn’t he look like he wants to punch me?

There’s the little hat in his hand. This was just seconds before he threw it onto the floor…

I gave up and instead went for gloves. Wearing his own would be against the Toddler ethics code but he happily put on grandma’s and we took off into the woods to watch Larry, Den and Mr. Man chopping wood. [For the record: Mr. Man can split a piece of wood in one swing.]

All was well because Benjamin was back – outside – with his dudes. Larry, my mom’s boyfriend and my uncle Den are Benjamin’s favorite two people on Earth (aside from Thomas the Train).

After marveling at the wood chopping Uncle Den tossed Benjamin around in a huge pile of leaves.

The next morning Larry harassed Benjamin during his breakfast, using Benjamin’s blankie. If you can’t tell – he’s a peasant lady begging Benjamin for a kiss.

That afternoon Benjamin found himself on the porch of a mini-house built for little men like himself. He refused to let me in and actually slammed the door on my face several times. Eventually he did invite me in, but only after I promised not to take him back to the car (sorry, it’s fuzzy – I was freezing).

Hope you all had as fantastic a Thanksgiving as we did! Do you have any stories? How did it go with the relatives? Were you the only single at the table?

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