Fish Bowl Effect

by mssinglemama on November 26, 2008

I’m stealing the fish bowl line from Kristin at Better Now.

I am putting my Mr. Man stories on hold for a little while… I know you all love them and I love writing them but now we’re caught up to the present (we were three weeks behind there for a while and that had me in a nice safe mental spot for dishing the scoop). But now, we’re right up to today and I don’t want these stories to affect our budding relationship in any way.

That’s all they are by the way – stories, snippets, little snap shots of the real deal. And it’s hard to put even that much out there when I’m not even sure what is happening half of the time. I hope you can understand… I’ll resume them when I feel the time is right.

For the record, he does read this blog and absolutely adores it all. He has also given me his permission (graciously) to write about whatever I need to write about. He did not ask me to do this (doesn’t even know I am yet). He is also a huge fan of single moms and understands that I put my stuff (issues and all) out here in hopes of achieving one thing – helping some of you, inspiring some of you or, at the very least, making some of you realize what dumb-ass mistakes you should not make.

That’s it. Chow for now. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have your little turkeys and if you don’t – try, oh try, to be as nice to the ex-men as possible.

Going to crawl under a fish bowl cave, maybe the one under those fake pink algae things.

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