Mr. [Blank] – Your turn…

by mssinglemama on October 30, 2008

Maybe I’m just in a giddy mood.

Or maybe I have a very literal sense of humor.

But this comment left by Mom Cat under my Ultimate Single Mom Contest post still has me giggling. I asked you all why you love being a single mom, here is her reason:

“My house is mine again… It feels good to live in a home that smells like orange essential oil instead of like Mr. Can’t-bother-to-wipe-his-own-butt.”

Oh, the memories of the ex-husband stenches and messes. HILARIOUS, I tell you. That’s way better than Mr. Right Now, Mr. Good Enough and even Mr. Man. Let’s remind ourselves why we are single moms…

Who was your ex-husband?

Complete this sentence with a comment: My ex-husband was Mr. [blank].

Be nice and funny if you can. If not, vent all you want. I’m not going to do it because I’d have to delete this blog.

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