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by mssinglemama on October 14, 2008

It’s Blog Action Day – so take action.

It could be as simple as spreading the word about a worthy cause or making your kids laugh (something we should all try to do every day).

This year’s theme is poverty. An old classmate and trusted friend wrote to me about the Grameen Foundation recently and asked me if I’d share their story. The Foundation helps impoverished women, many of them single mothers, fight their way out of poverty by equipping them with finances and technology they need to start their own business. Here’s more:

The Grameen Foundation, fights poverty worldwide by working with local institutions to provide small loans to poor women to start their own business. These microloans allow these women to provide for themselves and their children, and begin their own climb out of poverty.

Grameen Foundation was founded with the support of Nobel Prize winner and microfinance pioneer Muhammad Yunus, and is recognized worldwide for our impact in combating poverty. Our clients are women, and most are mothers. Some are single mothers, many are their families primary, or sole breadwinners. 

Donate or find out more here. 

I know money is tight – so if you can’t donate, than post a Tweet about this post – or another charity you support. Better yet, leave a comment and leave a link to a charity you think is worthy of everyone’s attention.


Some random personal notes:

» I forgot it was my ex-husband’s birthday again… for the second year in a row. I’m such a rotten ex-wife. He reminded me with a text at the end of the night. Oh well. 

» Benjamin is refusing to put on his Monkey costume. Not sure how I’ll get him in that thing on Halloween – a candy bribe will probably do the trick, or is that bad?  By the way, 2.8 is the most magnificent age. He is utterly adorable lately. Telling me he loves me. Asking me if I’m okay and then giving me unprompted hugs. Suddenly, I don’t just have a son – I have a roommate and someone to talk to. Go figure. And I made him! Motherhood never ceases to amaze me. 

» I’m on a man cleanse. Aside from the virtual sparks I felt last night (which hardly count) – I’ve been relishing in my sparkless, single self. It’s just nice to have absolutely no men to think about. And when they call me – and many are – I just ignore them, sending their calls to voicemail. It’s not that I’m a bitch or meaning to be a bitch – I’m just too damn preoccupied to even think about calling them back. When I do call – usually days later – I apologize thinking they’ll never talk to me again. But no, not only do they talk to me again but they call me or text me multiple times. What in the hell? Note to future self: if you ever actually like a man NEVER call him. EVER.

» Your questions are amazing! I already have quite a few to answer via video. So thanks everyone! If you want me to answer your questions about being a single mom or dating a single mother e-mail

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Matt T. October 15, 2008 at 5:05 am

The Grameen Foundation rocks and is doing great work. It’s one of the charities I try to recommend to my Fed friends for their CFC donations.

Quoth MSM: “Note to future self: if you ever actually like a man NEVER call him. EVER.” So *that’s* why you’ve never called me? Heck, I bet you don’t even know my number! Wow…the passion you must feel for me…amazing. 😉


mssinglemama October 15, 2008 at 8:17 pm

I wanted to let you know about the More than Footprints campaign Trip Advisor is running to give away $1 million to five great causes, including Save the Children. Trip Advisor developed the campaign to give to organizations that are doing amazing work to help our planet and people around the world. The five causes were chosen by Trip Advisor members, and they are all fantastic! Money is rewarded to the 5 charities through votes.

Just got this via e-mail … wanted to pass it on:

I am particularly enthusiastic about Save the Children because I love kids believe in their mission in working together to help needy children in the United States and around the world through health care and education.

I hope you will write about this amazing campaign, and encourage people to vote for Save the Children! Please post the link to vote: :

(It only takes 10 seconds to vote for them. The more votes they receive, the more money will go towards Save the Children.)


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