The Mad Conductor

by mssinglemama on September 24, 2008

I think an intervention may be in order, either that or an exorcism.

Benjamin has been possessed by Thomas the Train. Or maybe he’s sold his soul to Sir Topham Hat. Regardless, I don’t see much of him anymore.

If he does come downstairs it’s to ask me if he can watch, “Mickey’s Crack House.”

But I can’t complain… for the first time in 2.7 years Benjamin is occupying himself for hours on end. Which means I get some long overdue time to just chill out.

So how long do you think his Thomas obsession last? What are your little boys and girls possessed with? And what are the activities you think feed their brain the most?


I’m definitely encouraging the Mickey’s Crack House reference, but he thought of it first. Makes sense. Those guys are definitely tripping on something.

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