Cabin Fever, Part 2

by mssinglemama on September 19, 2008

An adventure is brewing.

I’ve decided to visit the man I met only briefly last weekend. If you missed it, catch up here. My best friend, Mia, has offered – no – has insisted upon watching Benjamin and she’s practically kicking me out the door to go meet him.

“Why wouldn’t you?” she asks.

“I don’t know, what if…” and then I list all of my annoying what ifs. None of which include being killed by this mysterious man or spending a night in a half-finished cabin without a bathroom. No, my fears are all irrational emotional nuisances – courtesy of my overly analytical brain. Here are a few: “What if he likes me too much and I hurt him?”, “What if it’s a big waste of time?”, “What if I like him?”, “What if I feel guilty for leaving Benjamin?” and the worst one of all, “I’m taking time away from my son to spend it with a man I barely know.”

“Stop,” says Mia, “You’re doing it again, you’re talking yourself out of it. You do that all of the time. You talk yourself in and out of everything and it’s crazy. You’re torturing yourself. Just relax and stop thinking about everything so much.”

Yes. Brain. Shut – the – hell – up.

Just one night would be nice. One night of a calm mental still. One guiltless romantic adventure featuring, to name a few, a bottle of wine, a camp fire, the trees and a sexy single dad whose e-mails have been making me smile all week. The man has a fascinating mind. Simple, funny and eloquent all at once. Very intriguing.

“Keep out of trouble and watch out for the robots,” he says in one… the robots being all of the people in the city. He escaped the city and his traveling job three months ago to move back home – to be near his kids.

“And now here I am,” he says on the phone, “standing under the stars. I think a car came down the road 30 minutes ago but that’s all I’ve heard in hours.”

His voice is steady and sure. He has a confidence that’s rare in most of the single men I meet. He’s out in the middle of no where… living on next to nothing – and he’s doing it all for his kids. But on that journey he’s discovering, as I did, that escaping it all transforms you, liberates you, moves you.

I’ll be the first visitor to his cabin.

When this dawns on him over the phone, I can nearly feel his breath rush out of his body. Me, a woman who he calls a “refreshing beauty”, will soon be standing in his rough and tumble bachelor world. He ran down a list of things he’ll be fixing before I get there. The electricity for example. Yes, this is a half-finished cabin. I’m not even sure if there are walls.

But I don’t care. I’m going to be still. I’m letting this one ride…

Maybe Ian (Single Parent Dad) can clue me in on what to expect, he built his own house too… gotta love those men who can build their own houses. Seriously. House building = hot.

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