Single Mom S.O.S.: Body Check

by mssinglemama on September 4, 2008


Is your body image in check?

This one is coming from a fantastic new reader, we’ll call her Moon Beam… she’s a new single mom and is just now getting back into the dating game. In fact, she went on her first date as a single mom last night! But she’s concerned about how her new flame will react when he sees her new, post-baby body.  

Here’s the latest Single Mom S.O.S.:

I have a good body, but it’s still different than someone who’s never had kids, (if you know what I mean). Do guys know some of these differences or are they shocked?

I love hearing from new single moms because it takes me back to my first year of being a single mom. I was petrified of being with a man again. But I finally took the plunge and you know what? He didn’t care. Not one of them has… or at least they haven’t said anything, but who would? Were they all just being nice?

It is true, after having a child our bodies just aren’t the same. So… what do you think?

To the single mamas, how is your body image? Is it affecting your ability to get back out there? If you are out there are the men “shocked” when they see you?

And to the men, does it matter? If you’ve dated a single mom did you freak out at what you saw?

I want to hear from everyone on this one. Keep the comments clean please. My opinion: Men don’t care. They really don’t. But if you care, they will. (As always, I could be wrong). With that said, to the mamas – how can Moon Beam work on improving her self-image?

[Photo Credit: I wish I knew where this photo is originally from – if anyone does know, please leave a comment. I have a mild obsession with pin-up models]

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