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September 2008

The Best of Ms. Single Mama

September 30, 2008

I have been blogging about being a dating single mom for one year now. This is a recap of all of my best single mom adventures… as they happened. Enjoy and I’ll be back in one week. Until then enjoy being the awesome single mom that you are!

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Single Mom Relaxation 101

September 28, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Tips from Pink Dragon Ghost Pumpkin Carving Tips from Pink Dragon Ghost I’m trying to do it all and it’s catching up with me. Something has to give. Can’t be Benjamin. Can’t be my job. Can’t be my home. Actually, I can’t drop anything. So it seems I need to add […]

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Dating Single Parents: Can it Work?

September 27, 2008

The child of a single parent does not have a “typical” family life. The child of a single parent ultimately sees his parents with different people.

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A dedication…

September 25, 2008

You may have noticed by now, or maybe you haven’t, that Single Mom Seeking has removed me from her blog roll and rarely comments on this blog anymore.  It’s not just a fluke. She and I, thanks to a single dad, are at odds.  Call it a silent war. Call it a rivalry. Call it […]

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The Mad Conductor

September 24, 2008

My My I think an intervention may be in order, either that or an exorcism. Benjamin has been possessed by Thomas the Train. Or maybe he’s sold his soul to Sir Topham Hat. Regardless, I don’t see much of him anymore. If he does come downstairs it’s to ask me if he can watch, “Mickey’s […]

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The Single Mom’s 10 Commandments…

September 23, 2008

Thanks to all of my readers I’ve put together a collection of single mom rules to live by, or as I like to call them the Single Mom 10 Commandments. I hope you find them as useful as I have. This is the first installment. Part 2 of my Single Mom 10 Commandments is coming next month.

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Cabin Fever, Part 3

September 22, 2008

I followed my gut. And my gut was right. It was marvelous. Cabin Man (who deserves another name all together and will now be called Kennedy) knocked the wind out of me. On my long drive through the gorgeous, albeit slightly frightening bible beating countryside, I let my mind wander and threw all of my […]

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In our beginning…

September 21, 2008

An adventure is brewing. I’ve decided to visit the man I met only briefly last weekend. If you missed it, catch up here. My best friend, Mia, has offered – no – has insisted upon watching Benjamin and she’s practically kicking me out the door to go meet him. “Why wouldn’t you?” she asks. “I […]

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Cabin Fever, Part 2

September 19, 2008

»This website has moved to Monday night is my one free night of the week. It’s the night Benjamin’s father comes. So, I get to go out and have a worry-free night. This week was Monday night #3 with the new man person in my life. I put on my super-hot outfit, kissed Benjamin […]

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How to Date Online (for the single parent).

September 18, 2008

To avoid an awkward date from hell, put a time limit on the first date from the start. Say something like, “Tuesday will work but I have to be at the gym (insert other excuse here) by 7:00.” And then, if you’re having an amazing time you can change your plans and say, “Oh, I’ll just skip the gym.” If you’re having a horrible time, get the hell out of there and go meet your girlfriends. Another great idea – meet during your lunch break at work – you’ll only have 45 minutes.

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