Denmark, Part 2

by mssinglemama on August 27, 2008

I wasn’t expecting an extremely romantic vacation that would rock my world.

I was expecting a vacation filled with many long days of shopping and sight seeing followed by long nights of dancing, drinking and sorted drunken debauchery.

If romance happened, it would happen… 

We saw castles. We saw canons. We took a ferry into Sweden. And we even sipped on beers at the edge of a beautiful canal in the middle of Copenhagen but in the end the sparks did not fly. The chemistry (without Benjamin in the mix perhaps?) was gone. 

It was a bit awkward – but what could we do? Force an issue? Try to create something that wasn’t there? Instead we both spent Sunday apart. Me at the spa and him at the golf course.

I have amazing photos to share but WordPress is being mean…

And don’t worry your pretty little heads about me – I’m quite peachy. Just trying to figure out how exactly to confess something to you all…

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