The Bad Boy Complex

by mssinglemama on August 15, 2008

Ummm, yeah – what’s up with that?

I mentioned this in my post, Chaos and Calm, in reference to Kate Hudson and Chris Robinson and how I can relate…

To that bad boy complex thing.

I just don’t get it. My ex-husband was definitely a bad boy. Tattoos from head to toe, actually to his butt. He passed out at a party and someone tattooed a Care Bear heart on his ass. But I didn’t see that until it was too late. (Not the tattoo, the fact that he was a bad boy). You see… the bad boys can disguise themselves.

They start out warm and fuzzy, lots of compliments honed over time after their experiences with many women. Or they’re just completely rough from the start – sparing in their compliments and leaving you craving more.

Over on my old blog Vanessa from left this fantastic comment:

“OMG – the bad boy complex! Do you know HOW many women are absolutely wrecked by this same thing? I know I suffered from it for many years (and now consider myself in remission!).

You know what I think it is? Its all about attraction. We say we WANT the nice guy, but we are ATTRACTED to the bad boy. It like its evolution-based. Survival of the fittest, you know? the bad boy actually represents what we want our genetics to BE. He is the “alpha male”, the strong one, the survivor and the winner. The “nice guy” – who we want mentally, is not necessarily the strongest.”

I am also in Bad Boy remission.

Kris was definitely a nerd, but even nerds act like bad boys sometimes and that makes them hotter. WHY? Thomas is definitely not a bad boy but he’s just as hot as the hottest bad boy. And even the Biker was a big mush ball at heart despite his rough exterior. So I have yet to have a bad boy since becoming a single mom.


But the coast isn’t clear until the fat lady sings or until the single mom stops dating forever.

Tell me about your Bad Boys and your theory on the Bad Boy Complex. What do you think about Vanessa’s comment?

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