I went shopping today…

by mssinglemama on August 11, 2008

But I’m not done.

New clothes = wonderful. Shopping and switching websites in one day = hard.

So, this is my new website. You won’t notice many changes (a ton behind the scenes). There are still a few teeny tiny kinks to work out. The Link page and Comment pictures will be up soon… the other missing pieces will follow too.

I’m not going to freak out about it. So let’s get back at it, shall we?


I bought:

  • 1 pair of skinny jeans
  • 2 superfluous blouses
  • 2 that I absolutely can’t live without

I didn’t not buy a rain jacket, a pair of rain boots or an umbrella.

BUT. I had fun and decided to tailor my trench coat that’s too big instead of buying a new one… and I’ll just wear my cowboy boots (the waterproof pair). Copenhagen rain solved. Small trade for super cute jeans, some cute tops and the cute pink shoes (still a maybe on the shoes).

I’m trying really hard not to feel guilty.

During my first year as a single mom I was broke. Totally broke. I learned how to live off of next to nothing but now that I have money again… I feel horrible spending it. To curb my guilt I’m going to pat myself for saving so much lately. Some tips of mine – and then share yours.

How I save money as a single mom.

1. No T.V. (Cable)

Sounds crazy but everything I watch is online now. LOST (Abc.com), The Office (NBC.com) and the Daily Show (Hulu.com + tons of free movies like Secret of Nimh for the wee ones). No cable bill saves me $60-80 a month and a LOT of time. I also share my wireless internet with my neighbors (they know about it). Benjamin has a DVD TV in his room for movies and he watches Handy Manny, Thomas & Elmo on iTunes.

2. No eating out for lunch.

Been slipping up on this big time in the past few months. But this will save you hundreds a month. Pack a lunch.

3. Less energy.

It’s been a hot summer. I use the AC sparingly. All year round I turn off the lights, take shorter showers. It all adds up.

4. I traded my SUV for a Ford Focus.

So hard yet so damn easy. Ditch the gas guzzlers. I traded my SUV in for a new Ford Focus, didn’t lose anything on the trade. Same car payment but $150 (and counting) less a month in gas.

5. NO SHOPPING. By myself. Ever.

(When you’re leaving for Denmark in 7 days) Oops! Guilty mama going to pass out.

How do you save money as a single mom? And what do you think about those shoes?

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