Chaos and calm.

by mssinglemama on August 11, 2008

The weather has cooled off.

Fall is just around the corner. Just like that, another summer… gone. Next week I’ll be frantically packing for Denmark – planning out every outfit. I’m a dork like that. And yes, I am SUCH a girl. Hate traveling without bringing all of the necessities, but I’m also a light packer. SO it’s quite the adventure – me packing, or watching me packing.

Thankfully there won’t be anyone watching (it’s embarassing). I try on the outfits, match the shoes with the different skirts and jeans. Then the scarves and even the jewelry. Every piece has to be included because if I’m there and I don’t feel right – I’m annoyed and then I go buy something. Must prevent future Alaina from feeling the need to buy something in order to jazz up her outfit. I’ll have to find a way to fit my cowboy boots in – usually wear them in the airport to solve that problem.

All will be well.

Nope. Not freaking out yet.

Benjamin and I had THE most amazing weekend. I think it’s the cool autumn air blowing through my hot and sticky midwest city… but I was completely calm all weekend. My mind silent for 48 hours straight. Unbelievable.

Benjamin and I chased down hot air balloons, but the wind had them all deflated (they blew this one up for the crowd).

Benjamin was the first of the children to touch it and while the rest backed away because of the heat, Benjamin got closer (no pain/ no fear).

The night before I went to a Black Crowes concert. After my girlfriend and I squirmed our way to the fifth row I could see Chris Robinson’s face. And for some reason, all I could think about was the fact that this guy – had let Kate Hudson go. What had she seen in him? This crazy, rocker guy… she and I have a lot in common. Being single moms and, of course, that damn bad boy complex. What is up with that anyway?

What else?

I met four Matts that night. One was cute but I ran away. I ate a bratwurst so spicy I thought my semi-drunk brain was going to explode. Food stands like that should be illegal if drunk people are around.

Today… on Sunday, Benjamin and I spent the afternoon at Brad’s apartment working on my new website. Yes, another little makeover. But this one is more techinical than anything else – you won’t notice much of a difference but the search engines will! More traffic means more single parents and that makes this single mom very, very happy. Because I know there are a lot of us out there – looking for answers, tips and advice or just the comfort in knowing we’re not alone.

Have a fantastic Monday! I’ll keep you posted on that new site stuff… and as usual, everything else.

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