Beam me up, Scottie: To Denmark Please!

by mssinglemama on August 8, 2008

Two weeks from today – I’ll be here.

With this guy...

And now it’s starting to set in.

I haven’t let myself think about it. I try not to get excited about things. Instead, I stay cool, calm … and then just a few days before it happens – I freak out. Right now, just writing this is making me nervous with excitement. The chocolates, the little cafes, the delicious food, the museums, the shopping and the smiling Danes.


I have yet to even think about what I’m going to pack. Any suggestions? It’s been raining in Denmark for a week straight. I’m thinking I should invest in a super cute rain coat. If you see any out there surfing leave the link. I need help. NO time to shop. Just enough time to order one online though.

I’m packing light. Wish I could put Benjamin in my suitcase. But if he were with me – I might never come back. We’d just steal away – disappearing into Europe never to be found again. Best if he stays back and best if Mommy finally does something that’s 100% for herself. Wondering if this is even possible.

The nice thing about Thomas is that he doesn’t take from me or ask anything of me – he just enjoys me. He doesn’t need me to hold his hand or coax him through tragic life issues. So all of the ingredients are there! Beam me up, Scottie.

Departing August 19th

Returning August 28th

And, of course, I’ll be posting throughout the trip. I want to take you all with me so I’ll be doing it virtually.

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