Single mom for sale!

by mssinglemama on June 30, 2008

It’s not easy to meet good men, especially for busy single moms.

I barely have time to shower, let alone go man hunting. We can’t go out three nights a week like our childless counter parts and if we do meet a man in the coffee shop, at the park or on a fluke night out we usually have to wait at least one week before we can squeeze in a date.

A single mom, so desperate for a “prince charming” (her words) is actually auctioning herself and her home off on eBay and Craigslist. The price? $500,000. Deven Trabosh, 42, has two daughters ages 14 and 21. After years of being single she’s thrown in the towel and has decided to sell herself, a bonus to buying her house in Florida.

“I’m struggling…I don’t want to lose my house and I want to find somebody. So I came up with this dream plan because I’ve always dreamt about being a fairytale princess,” she says.

I love the internet and everything it brings us … connecting all of us, allowing us to sell just about anything – but selling yourself? Being a single mom isn’t that bad, is it?

eBay forced her to take her ad down but she’s still getting plenty of responses including one from an Italian who is flying in to meet her. Check out the entire story here.

What do you think? Her 21-year-old daughter says she doesn’t mind but the 14-year-old is embarrassed by her mom’s actions. I wish her luck, I really do … if someone wants to find a husband than more power to them – but selling yourself and your family?

P.S. Anyone want to put money on the fact that Devon Trabosh will have a realty TV show soon?

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