Dating Karma

by mssinglemama on June 28, 2008

Dating as a single mom is hard to describe to anyone other than my fellow single parents. Hence this blog and my slew of single mom and dad friends. Without them and without you, I’d be lost.

So here’s another dating tip from me to you … I think if you start practicing this immediately your love life will improve.

But first … some background on how I discovered the power of dating karma – back in my wild single days I wouldn’t think twice about blowing a guy off. Never calling him back or being dishonest with him about my intentions seemed like part of the game. “All is fair in love and war,” I used to say.

I had been hurt and so I would hurt back. It seemed fair. But now I see clearly that I was a coward on many levels. I didn’t have the courage or the maturity to tell men the truth. To this day I regret the pain that my dishonesty must have caused. Because each of those men probably went out and did the same thing to a woman they were dating.

I call it dating karma.

If you are dishonest with someone, cheat on someone or lie to them – pick your poison – it eventually comes full circle.

After my divorce I realized that I had a clean dating slate – a new beginning to set my dating karma right. Every single one of my dates or relationships since has ended with complete honesty. It’s not easy, believe me, there’s nothing harder than looking at someone in the face and saying point blank: I can’t be with you anymore because of [enter reason here].

But finding the courage to tell someone the truth helps them to grow and it helps you grow as you discover what kind of man you really want to be with. And if dating karma is on your side – you’ll have more dates and more calls. It’s a win-win.

I told Julie about my theory…and she shook her head in agreement. When the Architect never called her back she said, “It was that E-Harmony guy! I never called him back!”

Yep. It was that E-Harmony guy. Seriously. Dating karma people – don’t abuse it. Be honest with each other always. Us singles are all in this together – so play nice!

P.S. Should I call the Architect back to keep my dating karma safe? I’ll explain everything as best as I can, “Ummm… hey, buddy you didn’t get the hint but I’m not interested but you’d be a great friend.” Or should I let it ride? Hmmmm…. maybe he deserves a shrug because he never called her back.

What do you think? Should I call him?

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