Sick Thoughts.

by mssinglemama on June 5, 2008

I’m sick. Can’t write much because my brain is going to explode…but I do have some sick thoughts to share, not really sick thoughts, but thoughts I’m having as I sit here – sick.

1. Barack Obama could be the first President of the United States who was raised by a single mother. There are no words for that one. Any one know of any other Presidents raised by single moms? I have been wondering lately about the history of single parents … how often our stories were left out of history books because of shame or that Scarlet Letter. Ronald Regan was a single dad after he divorced his first wife Jane, but he met Nancy less than one year later … not sure if that counts.

2. Benjamin’s tooth will be fine. Dead … but fine. Not sure how dead teeth can be fine, but I’ll take a dead tooth over no tooth any day.

3. I want to buy a bike with a baby seat on the back so Benjamin and I can just ride and ride.

4. Benjamin’s father’s car might not be running next Monday. The last time his car broke down we didn’t see him for 6 weeks.

5. I mailed in my passport renewal today! The countdown to Copenhagen has officially begun … just a little over 8 weeks away now.

6. In one of many sweet e-mails from the Dane he asked me how he could spot single moms… now he’s looking at mothers in a completely different light! SO adorable! I’m telling you – dating a single mom is really amazing for men – we are refreshing, we are real and we raise some pretty amazing kids. But as for spotting us out of a crowd of moms? Look for a wedding ring or dress up your kid in a t-shirt from iHeartSingleParents.comMorgan and Clare, iHeart’s founders are sending me a t-shirt for Benjamin that says – “My Mom is Single – Ask Her Out.” Can’t wait to get it!

Those are my sick thoughts. I HATE being sick.

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