Hollywood’s single parent couple?

by mssinglemama on May 27, 2008

Reports say Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong are an item.

They were spotted leaving a Monaco hotel room this weekend en route to a boat trip. Wouldn’t that be nice? I wonder if they brought the kids? Armstrong’s twin girls are seven and his son is nine. Hudson’s son, Ryder, is just four. I’m sure they’re both keeping the kids out of the picture, the fling has only been going on for a few weeks.

I’m a huge fan of Kate Hudson. We’re the same age (29), I love her acting and she’s a single mom. Usually don’t even get into celebrity gossip but I had to pass this on. Just think, if they hit it off (for real) Lance and Kate could become Hollywood’s shining single parent couple.

And if you ever feel down about your divorce, like we all do sometimes, think on this … Lance Armstrong won seven Tour de France’s and survived cancer, but he couldn’t make his marriage work.

What do you guys think? Any news to add to this story that I missed? It’s actually kind of weird because both of their exes, Sheryl Crow and Owen Wilson, used to date.

If you’re really into this story, check out this post from an L.A. Times blogger – she thinks Kate is just another one of Lance’s girls and is shocked Hudson would fall for his smooth moves. And who says Kate isn’t taking Lance for a ride? Us single moms like to have some fun too!

And, besides, Kate has said in several interviews that she has no intentions of ever getting married again, instead she’ll follow the model of her mom (Goldie Hawn) and Kurt Russell – permanent companions without any ink on the deal.

Hmmm…. I love this stuff!

Random Conclusions:

  • Marriage is hard - and every married couple out there deserves major props.
  • Celebrity single parents are fun to spy on.
  • Kate Hudson rocks!

[Kate Hudson Photo Credit: Wikipedia]

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