Men. Shopping. And FREE stuff (from under my couch).

by mssinglemama on April 30, 2008

Benjamin has been at my mom’s for three days now. I’ve been so busy…having fun! Lots of it.


Tonight I worked late to catch up on some big projects, then popped into Ann Taylor Loft and found quite a few treasures on the sales rack. Two super cute summer tops, a necklace and a belt!


Then I headed to the coffee shop. For the past few weeks Benjamin and I keep bumping into this guy. We’re usually in a hurry but there’s always quick small talk. Tonight, I’m a childless mama … so we could actually talk. I pay for my coffee and then see him … I fill my coffee with creamer and sugar and then just do it – I just walked right up and said, “Hi!”

Immediately we were chatting it up and then he asked me to sit down. We talked for about 45 minutes. It was like a spontaneous mini-date. Will it ever be a real date? Who knows. I’m indifferent. And honestly, after our mini-date, not sure if I want a real one. (Purple Octopuses).

That’s the funny thing about asking men out or just walking up and talking to them. You might find that your “crush” really isn’t that crush worthy. Then you don’t waste time wondering about him. Would you rather have the wax ripped off in one quick flick or would you rather it slowly pulled, piece by piece?

Approach men and you find out if there’s potential…quickly. And either way – whether it’s you or him doing the quick rip – at least you know. I prefer the quick rip: less painful in the long run.

Life is too short. Seriously.

FREE Stuff

Speaking of life being too short. I have so much to do! And without Benjamin here I can stay up later and sleep in a little later. Tonight I got on a cleaning kick, a much overdue cleaning kick. Look what I scrounged out from under our living room chair.

Wonder how all of this got here? Hmmm… could it have been a little two-year-old with a funny sense of humor, or a mom shoving it under the chair in hurried preparation for dates or sitters? I honestly couldn’t tell you – but there it is. A bunch of forgotten toys and gizmos, oh, and a shoe!

This little pile has inspired a contest, my first contest! So you better play. And it’s easy. Here goes…

MSM Contest: What’s Under Your Couch??

Look under your couch right now. Tell me about something you’ve found. I’ll pick a winner for each of the following categories:

1. Cutest

2. Funniest

3. Grossest


4. Best in Show

The Prize

Something in this pile. The four winners each get to pick a prize from the pile! As you can see there’s lots of good stuff in this pile. A baby music toy, a Leap Frog pad, an empty Thomas DVD case, a little fire truck, an outlet extension thing…and some markers.

Or, you can waive on something from the pile and I’ll send you a mystery item (probably from some other pile I find under something else, or maybe it will be a really cool book…you’ll have to find out).

Now go look under your couch…and may the best man or woman win.

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