Single Mom S.O.S.: Her ex wants full custody!

by mssinglemama on April 25, 2008

Every once in a while I post a Single Mom S.O.S. The first time for my friend Abby who was trying to figure out how to explain a break up to her daughter and now for another single mom, Tricia. The dilemma – her ex-husband wants to fight for full-custody of their oldest son, a 9-year-old.

First some facts. Tricia is amazing. She is light, happy, full of optimism and she loves her two boys.

Since their divorce in July she and her ex-husband have had 50/50 split custody of the kids. She says, “I didn’t fight for full custody because he’s a great father, and my father was so important to me. I want him to be very involved in their lives.”

Now, less than one year later, her son says he wants to live with Daddy full-time and his father is not only encouraging this notion, but threatening to go to court.

You can imagine the emotional pain she’s feeling right now. He’s nine and he doesn’t know any better…but still. She also says her ex-husband has been encouraging the idea. To make matters worse he is also threatening to take the fight to court.

My theory:

Her son is having some natural anxiety over the recent divorce and feels torn, but wants to be back in his old house with dad. (Tricia is the one who moved out to a new house)

We need your help. She’s reading this … so please, any legal tips, any advice on how to talk her son out of this. Anything at all would be helpful. This is just breaking my heart. I can’t even imagine…

Can a father even legally do this if the mother is 100% fit to care for her children?

P.S. Tricia is not on drugs or anything crazy like that and how could a father encourage 9-year-old to want this? Seems like he’s playing on the poor kids vulnerability and emotions right now.

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