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April 2008

Men. Shopping. And FREE stuff (from under my couch).

April 30, 2008

Benjamin has been at my mom’s for three days now. I’ve been so busy…having fun! Lots of it.

Tonight I worked late to catch up on some big projects, then popped into Ann Taylor Loft and found quite a few treasures on the sales rack. Two super cute summer tops, a necklace and a belt!

Then I headed to the coffee shop. For the past few weeks Benjamin and I keep bumping into this guy. We’re usually in a hurry but there’s always quick small talk. Tonight, I’m a childless mama … so we could actually talk. I pay for my coffee and then see him … I fill my coffee with creamer and sugar and then just do it – I just walked right up and said, “Hi!”

Immediately we were chatting it up and then he asked me to sit down. We talked for about 45 minutes. It was like a spontaneous mini-date. Will it ever be a real date? Who knows. I’m indifferent. And honestly, after our mini-date, not sure if I want a real one. (Purple Octopuses).

That’s the funny thing about asking men out just walking up and talking to them. You might find that a “crush” really isn’t that crush worthy. Then you don’t waste time wondering about him. Would you rather have the wax ripped off in one quick flick or would you rather it slowly pulled, piece by piece?

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Toddler-free (for one week?)

April 30, 2008

My mom has had Benjamin since Tuesday morning. She’d been dying to see him and begged me to hand him over for a night. They’ve been having so much fun and now she’s offering to take him for the rest of the week, “You need a break. You do. And that’s what grandmother’s are for, right?”

So at this point … (Wednesday morning) … I’m still all for it.

I do need a bit of a break. Benjamin has been in full blown terrible two mode for a few weeks now, and it’s been tough – really tough. I’ve reached my breaking point way too many times. So, if she really can make it until Friday, this will be the longest time we’ve ever been apart.

Not sure if I can make it until Friday, but I feel like I have to … have to allow myself a guilt-free week of fun dinners out with friends, shopping and sleeping – lots of sleeping.

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Mission Not Accomplished: the Thomas Lo Rider

April 29, 2008

This weekend Benjamin discovered that if he took his tricycle to the top of our front yard he could zoom all the way down the little hill, down the driveway and then take a hard right turn onto the sidewalk. He nearly flipped twice. So after his nap on Saturday it was off to Target – to find a safe replacement – one with rubber wheels and more weight.

Our pick: the Huffy Thomas Lo Rider Bicycle.

When Benjamin saw the box he started jumping up and down, “Train! Thomas! Traaaiinnn…chooooo…biiiikkkkkeee! More? More? More?”

“Okay, baby.” I know, I know – I’m a sucker.

But it’s only the Thomas obsession. Gets me every time. And the box said it had rubber coated wheels. It’ll do, and if not, I’ll just sell it on Craigslist and find a different one.

So we buy it. We come home, jump out of the car and open the box. His two-year-old ameba brain is, of course, expecting a bike to pop out. Mine is more prepared.I have my little screw driver, my hammer (don’t know why I grabbed a hammer) and some scissors.

And then, there it is. A pile of pieces. This is easy? I tried to breath, it had been a long day…a very long day. And for a split moment I actually wished I had a husband to help. But I sucked it up and dove in.

The two page instruction manual was useless. There weren’t even clear labels or illustrations of each part. Yes, guys, I need them to tell me what each little screw, nut and bolt is. Then Benjamin took off with the bicycle seat and two tires. He stopped at the front porch where he knelt down and started hammering the tires ferociously into the pavement. BANG. BANG. BANG. I think he was trying to help.

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Why online dating gets a bad name…

April 28, 2008

Here are some personals ads I found on Craigslist tonight. Went here on purpose knowing I would find gold!

Breakfast in Bed? (Yuck!!! – I don’t want to see ANYONE at 5:00am, let alone a stranger.)

Consider getting to know me over breakfast in bed? I know this sounds completely out of the ordinary and you probably are thinking “OK I know where this is going”, but hold on. Seriously, breakfast in bed with a stranger. We set the boundaries, determine the proper attire for our breakfast in bed date and then order the food. I love the early morning hours so would like to do this between 5:00 and 7:00 am (I suppose I have just lost most of you). I want to sit side by side, pillow behind our backs, trays on our laps, fresh brewed coffee aroma swirling through the air, toast and jelly, perhaps eggs and bacon, OJ and some giggly laughter. After breakfast we get up and head off to meet the day.

Are you adventourous enough to join me?

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The long weekend, firefighters and iMacs – a video story.

April 27, 2008

We were there and so was the camera. So I hit record. You’ll see Benjamin lurching forward because he can see the recording on the screen…very entertaining.

This is just a recap of my weekend, the fire station and a little introduction to my crazy two-year-old, Benjamin!!! Director’s note: it was filmed post-bath, pre-bedtime so the lighting is just about as messed up as his hair.


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You’re a single mom?!!!

April 27, 2008

I love seeing the look on men’s faces when I say, “Okay. You have to leave now.” or “It’s 11:00 o’clock! Holy crap. You’ve got to go. I need to sleep.”


We say “I’m a single mom.”

They try to digest it. Think they can. Get over it.

And then when that moment comes. The moment when you absolutely must sleep because you have to wake up at the crack of dawn…99.9% of them just stare with a blank face.

All dating rules they’d ever known are thrown out the door. Because they’re looking into the face of a very attractive, strong and sexy woman who has one mission – and that mission does not involve them.

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The Sex in the City Trailer! OMG!!!!! (I’m a dork)

April 26, 2008

I know most of you have probably already seen this (because you have TVs). But I just found it. So, because I’m obsessed with Sex and the City, must pass it on.


They give away a lot in this trailer. Charlotte is pregnant! Samantha isn’t with Smith??? And Carrie’s wedding gets too… Big?

If you were a Sex and the City character who would you be? I think I’m a nice mix of all four …

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Updates Galore.

April 26, 2008

1. House Hunt

On hold because spring has sprung and I can’t bear the thought of leaving my cute downtown neighborhood with all of the coffee shops, parks, shops and men!

2. Finding a Sitter

I found one! She clicked with Benjamin right away – got down on her knees to talk to him and we spent an entire afternoon together. She’s coming over tonight to babysit, but alas, I’m sick! Of course. I’m going to have her come anyway and might just go to the coffee shop or a book store for some much needed “me” time.

3. The Firestation

I’m planning on making a trip tomorrow morning…if I feel better. Should be very interesting and I’ll report back immediately.

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Single Mom S.O.S.: Her ex wants full custody!

April 25, 2008

Every once in a while I post a Single Mom S.O.S. The first time for my friend Abby who was trying to figure out how to explain a break up to her daughter and now for another single mom, Tricia. The dilemma – her ex-husband wants to fight for full-custody of their oldest son, a 9-year-old.

First some facts. Tricia is amazing. She is bubbly, light, full of optimism and loves her two boys.

Since their divorce in July she and her ex-husband have had 50/50 split custody of the kids. She says, “I didn’t fight for full custody last summer because he’s a fine father, and my father was so important to me. I want him to be very involved in their lives.”

Now, less than one year later, her son says he wants to live with his father full-time.

You can imagine the emotional pain she’s feeling right now. He’s nine and he doesn’t know any better…but still. She also says her ex-husband has been encouraging the idea.To make matters worse he is also threatening to take the fight to court.

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Pass the man blinders please.

April 24, 2008

I’m trying to avoid them but I can’t help noticing them. Lots of them. Men. They’re every where. And for some reason, doesn’t matter if Benjamin’s with me or not – they’re all checking me out. The first few times I thought it was all in my head. The blatant stares and smiles. But now…there […]

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