by mssinglemama on March 28, 2008

echo.jpgI had no idea Mark Ecko was so inspiring.

He started his own fashion line in the ’90’s. Quality skater clothes. In the New York Times this week there’s a great feature on his trailblazing efforts to break into the fashion industry.

Not sure who actually wrote this article because the byline says “By Mark Ecko, as told by: Bobbi Demsey”

What does “as told by” mean?

I’m thinking…it means Mark told the story to Bobbi who then wrote the article.

Big difference? Ummm…yeah there’s a difference.

Anyway, according to Bobbi or Mark,

“Whatever you do in life, be passionate about it. At least once a month, if not every day, reassess what you’re doing and make sure you still love it. If you’re passionate about something others around you may see as a dead end, pave your own way. Be a trailblazer.”

Hell yeah! I could kiss whoever actually wrote that line. They read my mind.

Trailblazing is highly recommended, especially when you’re a single mom breaking all of the damn rules anyway. We’re trailblazers by default.

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