Single Mama Beauty Tip #1: Tan Towels

by mssinglemama on March 28, 2008

tantowelplus.jpgOne of the sexiest things about single moms (for the guys) and one of the most trying (for us) is the fact that we are on top of it … beauty wise. Well, I am anyways. But it’s not easy. I barely have time to shop. And there’s nothing worse than dragging a screaming toddler through the beauty section only to bring the product home and find out it sucks. Talk about guilt.

So with spring just around the corner I think we should all start sharing some time-saving, money-saving beauty tips. Here’s mine…

Say hello to the single mom savior … my little friends the Tan Towels!

Back in the day, when I had tons of money to blow on self-beautification, I tried every fake tanning product out there (I don’t do sun, sun = bad for single mama skin). Anyway I wasted way too much money on horrible tanning products until my friend who worked in a beauty shop told me about the Tan Towel.

They’re like paper towels or I guess more like baby wipes, soaked in tanning stuff. First exfoliate with a loofah or body wash with beads in it. Then open up the magic tan towel.

Start with your tummy and back because the tan towels are super moist at first. Then run them down your thighs and legs. Don’t forget the ankles and the tops of your feet. Then if the towel is still a little moist use it on your upper body, face and neck.

There’s very, very little streaking even possible because you are running the towel over yourself with your hands and because it’s not a lotion your fingers don’t leave behind streaks. Make sense?

The best part. They actually smell kind of nice and you can get dressed five minutes later. So very little hassle. The tan lasts for about 7-10 days.

Where to find it: Discount Beauty Center This is the best price I’ve found – 10 for $16.79. They usually run around $5.00/towel retail. Not a bad deal and a small price to pay for a perfect, harmless tan.

Do you have any money-saving beauty tips? Pass them on please…

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