Adventures in Potty Training

by mssinglemama on March 26, 2008

How in the hell is cleaning out a little tiny plastic toilet easier than changing a diaper? Please, please experienced mommies enlighten me. How do you get the little toilet bowl clean? Do I have to scoop it out with a paper towel? Sigh.

And Benjamin just took his first pee pee in the potty!!! Standing up, of course because he’s 100% boy.

*UPDATE* I FOUND A BABY URINAL!!! No, I’m not shitting you.

Apparently I am the owner of an old-school potty chair. Tonight after Benjamin’s first little go my best friend’s daughter was over and promptly told me that Benjamin’s potty wasn’t nearly as cool as hers. “His doesn’t flush or anything?” she said. Oh yeah. I hadn’t installed the flushy noise thing yet. (Man job = postponed until last possible minute).

So, she uses it anyway. And then … I get a good healthy run at dumping the little bowl in my toilet. No way. No way. Wasn’t cool. And I love that little girl like she’s my own. I can’t imagine two more years of dumping out this little cup.

I call my mom, or Yoda. She raised six. (I’m in the middle).

“Are you kidding? What kid wants to go on a fake potty? Why should he? He knows its not real. Forget it, just get a stool.”

No plastic potty? Really? Mom is nuts. I’m going to keep the plastic potty around. In the meantime though I’ve been shopping for a cooler one … look what I found!!!

A toddler urinal. Yes, a toddler urinal.


And an Elmo potty! Yeah right. elmopottychair.jpg

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