Date night.

by mssinglemama on March 17, 2008

Kris and I manage to go out on an actual “date” about once a month.

Last night was one of them, our first since Valentine’s Day. But when we do get out it’s always so romantic. There’s some serious anticipation, excitement and then pure giddiness at being out for a


┬ánight on the town. Last night we went out to dinner and then danced like crazy people to a jazz funk band. (Oh and the boy can dance). God it was fun. The perfect evening. I know if I weren’t a single mom there’s no way I would be able to appreciate these date nights as much and neither would he.

And although Kris insists that dating a single mom is easier than dating a “clueless young chick” there are still some major, well, how should I put this, differences our men have to endure to be with us. Endure or, should it be enjoy? Hmmmm….depends on the guy and his attitude.

Some of the things a man dating a single mom endures or enjoys:

1. Sitting down on couch and landing on gooey cookie.

2. The baby monitor. I don’t think I need to elaborate here.

3. Limited nights out.

4. Getting slimed. Lots and lots of snot landing or rubbed in the area of your choice, usually a pant leg.

5. Tantrums. Sigh.

6. Schmoozing with the babysitter.

7. Daily recaps of a toddler’s poop consistency.

8. Never, ever getting to sleep in with his girlfriend.

9. Watching fine programs like the Backyardigans, Thomas the Train or Mickey Mouse Club House.

10. Frequent sicknesses.

I could go on. But it makes me realize that Kris, or any man dating a single mom, must really, really love us. I mean how many women can say, “my boyfriend makes my son laugh, listens to me ponder the mysteries of parenthood and doesn’t complain when a pile of snot gets smooshed into his suit.”

This is why I point out (as often as possible) that single moms really do get the best men. Assuming we are choosing the right ones. FYI – if you are a single mom and your man bitches about anything on this list – dump him immediately. But seriously, by default, we get the best of the best. Sigh. I’m all in love and stuff tonight. Total cheese ball.

Thank god for date nights.

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