My “man person” is up to something in the kitchen…

by mssinglemama on February 23, 2008

doodle.jpgKris is painting the top of my kitchen table right now. I’m not looking…he’s saying something about polka dots. I’m a little bit scared…but he wants to paint it – and I don’t! Works out quite nicely.

The table recently turned into a doodle table. Meaning anyone was welcome to doodle on the top. Leave their mark. Some signed their names (lame) others professed their love for each other. Like Abby and her Ex. But I had to cross it out. In hopes of making her feel better I wrote a profanity …. as you can see … to replace it. Thought it would make her feel better. But now my table looks like crap and I’m having people over tomorrow night. So…Kris offered to paint it. I’m writing, he’s painting. It’s cute. I don’t want to intrude or break his creativity….I’ll post the final result tomorrow. Polka dots? Breath. Breath. It’s just a kitchen table.

P.S. Manperson is my new word for boyfriend. I hate the term boyfriend. Don’t you? Manperson is much more appropriate.

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