Top 10 Most Beautiful Men in the World

by mssinglemama on February 22, 2008

Warning! This entry might make you want a man…in your bed – immediately. With that said, I have a hunch you’re going to thank me for this one! So here it is – the Top 10 Most Beautiful Men in the World! If I missed one let me know and I’ll make a Part 2. Okay, I’m going to go take a cold shower.

10. Jared Lewis. No movies yet? Right? But you can always pop in those Sex and the City DVDs.

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9. Bob Dylan. Sigh. He’s so beautiful.

8. Jude Law. He’s only #8 because he was such a jerk to Sienna – this is a trailer from Alfie…really funny/sad movie.

7. Brad Pitt. I’d never seen this – it’s Brad Pitt in a Heineken commercial – so funny and so gorgeous. And he fell in love with a single mom.

6. Russel Crowe. Here’s the Gladiator trailer…yummy.

5. Viggo Mortensen and 4. Orlando Bloom. Okay, this video is HYSTERICAL. But they’re still hot as hell.

3. Clive Owen. Hubba Hubba. Check him out in this trailer for King Arthur!!!! Awesome movie by the way.

2. Daniel Day Lewis. Last of the Mohicans. Need I say more? I couldn’t even finish this because I thought I was going to explode…

1. Johnny Depp. And here he is in my favorite movie for single moms – Chocolat, where yes, he falls in love with a single mom! And that’s not even what this movie is about – if you haven’t seen it you MUST rent it immediately.

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