How to Date a Single Mom, Part 2

by mssinglemama on February 21, 2008

depp.jpgMy entry on How to Date a Single Mom (for the guys) has been one of the most popular entries on this blog.

I wrote it for one reason…to help the men who have truly fallen for one of us. And then this adorable comment came in the other day. Check this out…

“Stumbled upon this site in my attempt to understand the single mom’s point of view, and I have found it o be the most eye-opening and informative site I have come across. This is all brand-new to me – I have been pursuing the greatest woman I’ve met in years only to find out she has a wonderful 2-year-old…which explains part of why she is so amazing herself. I asked her out, to which she replied that she needs to be friends first and really establish trust. At first I thought I was being blown-off…I get it now. Patience, understanding, and sincerity pay off I guess – no matter how long it takes. And just as I told her, I’m not going anywhere. Thanks for providing a service to not only all you strong, independent single mom’s out there, but to the formally clueless guys who love them.” – Milo.

Do you have any advice for men, like Milo, who have fallen for a single mom? What can he do to earn her trust? Should he leave flowers on her doorstep? No, because then the kids would see it. Maybe a letter in the mailbox?

Needless to say, dating a single mom has been quite an eye-opener for every man I’ve dated. Recently I asked my boyfriend point blank (partly for research, partly because I wanted to know), “what’s it like to date a single mom?” He stumbled, trying to find the words. “Intimidating?” I asked. “No,” he said. A few moments later he declared, “you’re just you, all of the time. There is absolutely no bull shit.”

I realized most childless women out there are pretty fake. Seriously. I would rather be shot than stuck in an elevator with a young childless woman. They’re so self-absorbed, so damn petty and so ridiculously naive. Sorry – girls – but you all drive me nuts. Anyway, most guys do want real women which is why we are so attractive to them. By choice or not, here we are, and we’re real – all of the time – and that is HOT!

With that said – it’s your turn to offer up some tips. I’m sure I missed a few. What would you tell a man dating a single mom? And good luck Milo!!! Please keep us posted.

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