Destructivo Strikes Again! Super Mommy Limps Away for Nap.

by mssinglemama on February 17, 2008

benmessy.jpgMy son has been nicknamed “Destructivo.”

Destructivo destroys clean rooms in a matter of seconds. There is nothing that can stop him. Except for Super Mommy. But Super Mommy can only keep her eyes on him for so long because she’s also a single mommy. With only one parent in the house Destructivo has been enjoying a long rein of ruling his domain.

He charms Super Mommy with his sweet, sweet smile until she hands over the entire bag of Goldfish crackers. She sits next to him, using her Super Mommy powers to instruct him on how to properly eat out of a Goldfish cracker bag. But to no avail. In less than a nano-second Goldfish crackers are flying all over the room. Destructivo strikes again.

At the moment Super Mommy is typing amidst piles of books, scattered toys and food chunks she can’t bear to clean up again. This would be the third living room sweep today and it’s only 1:00 pm. So she’s taking a nap.

[photo: this past summer after a messy lunch]

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