Good guys do exist.

by mssinglemama on January 30, 2008

sickman_lg.jpgOne downside to dating a single mother – you get sick. Really sick. The last time I saw my boyfriend, Kris, he was his healthy, energetic, happy, nerdy self…I was laying on the couch feeling very, very ill. He kissed me good-bye. Two hours later he called me – sick as a dog. That was four days ago.

He’s been in a sleepy, feverish haze of pain ever since.

The day care germies must have jumped him late last week when he came over to help me watch Benjamin.

Why? Because I asked him too.

Why? Because I was starting to feel sick.

Sigh. I feel guilty. I usually don’t feel guilty – but I can’t express to you enough the pain of this particular viral strand. It’s unreal.

This entry is a kudos to Kris who is – as we speak – trying to study for his midterms amidst a severe fever that’s giving him hard core chills. You are an inspiration to all of the completely single moms (and single women) out there.

Good guys do exist. And they don’t even complain about you making them sick. They suffer through it and always take the time to ask – “how’s (insert your child’s name here)?” Nice. Very nice indeed.
What’s the most a man has endured for you? Do tell. Time for some inspiration. I’m starting to feel better by the way. Went out and got some zinc today – very helpful.

[The photo: From Discovery Health – where you can find on how colds are spread. Go figure.]

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new orleans hurricane evacuee January 20, 2011 at 9:01 am

oohhhhh now all of a sudden u women want a good guy? what about the bad boy that makes YOU FEEEEELL that special way….double standard yes..


new orleans hurricane evacuee January 20, 2011 at 9:01 am

u women dont know what u want out of life,,,just like some 19 yr old guys.imature and insecure


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