Do men really care if you’re a single mom?

by mssinglemama on January 17, 2008

Not unless you do.

The question should be “Do you think men really care if you’re a single mom?” If the answer is no – you’re good to go. If not … keep reading.

When I started to date again, 5 months after my husband and I separated, I could imagine the end result – a sweet husband, a sweet father. But how would I get there? How would a man not run away screaming after spending more than one day with my feisty little baby? What if he saw me change a poopy diaper? What if Benjamin threw food in his face? And how would I even find the time to date him?

I didn’t think any man could actually handle that. But in reality – it was me.

I couldn’t imagine them entering our lives…so I never let any of them get in. I was pushing them away. More importantly, my desperation was pushing them away.

In the end it was a man who made me see the light.

This past summer I had a fun fling. He was super sweet and completely smitten with me. It was only because he was “safe and non-threatening” that I was able to let him see everything – me changing diapers, me covered in messy baby food, me cleaning the house, me being with my son.

In the end we broke up mutually and we’re still friends – he was a great guy! The lesson he left me with … men can fall in love with single moms – and just like always – when a man falls for a woman, they fall hard.  And that whole kid thing? It’s icing on the cake.

This is all true if you’ve got a good one. The jerks will fall away and some may hurt you in the process but over time you’ll be better at spotting them

Have you pushed men away? Do you still feel desirable?

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