Top Spots to Meet Men (kid tested and mama approved)

by mssinglemama on January 8, 2008

stuarts.jpgBefore you read this – know this – men rarely approach women.

What they will do is throw a glance or two your way, or make it a point to keep crossing your path. Until we can train our children to throw cupcakes at men to get their attention – we’ll have to take matters into our own hands. But before you can approach them you have to find them. And for a single mom – that’s the tough part. We’re rarely away from our kids if we’re not at work. So here are tons of kid-friendly spots to meet Mr. Right or just a cute boy toy.

My Top Places to Meet Men (all kid-tested and mama approved)

  1. Festivals or concerts – the men at festivals and concerts are one step abbove the men you’ll meet at a bar. They enjoy good music, culture and are active members in their community.
  2. Community social groups – check out – there’s a world of groups out there. Try a community hike – gives you tons of conversation starters and the kids will love it.
  3. The grocery store (on a Monday night) – if you haven’t noticed yet, grocery stores are FULL – FULL of single men on Monday nights. Not sure why. Probably because the stores are nice and quiet. Men hate shopping, so they often don’t put it on the top of their list over a weekend.
  4. The bookstore or the library – conversation starters galore. “Is that a good book?” “Have you tried the coffee here?” Etc.
  5. The park – yes, I’ve actually picked up a man at the park with Benjamin. He was a single dad. It was awesome. Didn’t work out, but felt great knowing that there are men out there.
  6. The sidewalk – if he’s really hot you could accidentally bump into him with the stroller. I’ve been very, very tempted to do this a few times but chickened out.
  7. The coffee shop – at my local coffee shop there’s a kid’s play area. Benjamin loves to run around the place throwing balls to men. They usually all play along. It’s adorable and he does the work for me.
  8. Online – there are a lot of men to meet. I have yet to have a good experience from online dating. If you do want to try it – choose a site like Yahoo Personals or where you can search the men for free. Or better yet, MySpace. You can search your zip and find men by age, relationship status or industry. The biggest plus – you can search their profile and get a quick snapshot of their true personality/style. DO NOT use E-Harmony. It’s a scam. Here’s my E-Harmony dating review.

Now that you know where to find them – click here for my advice on how to pick up men.

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