Hey, mommy…is that a man?

by mssinglemama on January 7, 2008

krisben.jpgMy son is the definition of boy. He’s only 22 months old but he already acts like a man. He loves it all – dirt, jumping, climbing, fighting, wrestling. So now that my little man has met my fantastic new man it’s a match made in heaven.

Benjamin absolutely loves the days when Kris comes to “visit.” And I must say…mommy loves them too. I actually get to run errands, do things around the house, read magazines. I get to breath, to laugh, to relax and to just enjoy a man’s company. There really is nothing like a good man. And Benjamin and I are enjoying every minute of it.

This photo is of the two of them this morning poking under Kris’ hood. Hilarious. During Benjamin’s nap today Kris and I gave my basement a makeover and turned one half into a play room. Amazing.

I just think about where I was one year ago. I wanted this so badly…I dated a lot, but none of the men fit the bill. I lost hope that I would be able to find a man who could “fit” into our lives so effortlessly. And here is one…just wanted to spread some hope – because there are good men out there.

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