A web site deceiving single moms

by mssinglemama on January 5, 2008

single-mother-resources.jpgI did a Google for “single mother” last night and this site popped up …


The site is filled with little anecdotes and tips on managing your life as a single mother. They had me fooled until I read this line, buried in a list of advice on parenting alone:

Your child is powerless and vulnerable to the possibly less-than-ideal consequences he faces as the child of a single parent.

Less than ideal? You mean it would be more ideal for us to be with the lousy men who either left us, abused us or treated us “less than ideally”?

Then I got a bit annoyed with the site’s webmasters for writing this garbage and tried to contact someone. Yes, I was a bit bored last night. Within a few clicks I realized there was no contact information anywhere and very few links…all buried deep in the copy. And the site’s supposed “community forum” links for single moms are dead links. Inoperable. It’s a scam. The entire site is an ad…a very deceiving ad for a “non-profit” debt consolidation service based in Florida.

What’s really tragic is that the Google spiders have missed something like this bogus site. This company, In Charge, has several of these fake sites including one targeting students looking for college loans. So this is a bit frightening. The fake student loan site, studentfinancialguide.com, strongly encourages young men and women to join the military.

So they’re insulting our circumstances, calling them “less than ideal” – trying to prey on single mothers with a slick design and fudged content – oh, and they’re also trying to send our son’s to war. Google spiders – can you please ex-communicate this site and this company from your search engine as a punishment??

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