The test for any single working mother: the morning wake up.

by mssinglemama on January 4, 2008


Some mornings are better than others.

This morning was a bad one. Benjamin usually wakes up between 7:15 and 7:30. But this morning it was 6:45. I had been up late last night cleaning and didn’t actually fall asleep until around 11:45. Yesterday was a great morning. He was in a happy mood, we got up and at ‘em with few whines or whimpers and were on our merry way. But this morning he knew things were back to normal – meaning mommy gets ready for work and then he goes to daycare – so he proceeded to push every one of my buttons.

First it started with the whining, coupled with the persistent leg grabbing – which I hate. I can’t stand the whining and then when he starts clinging to my legs, begging to be held I usually boil over. There’s no way I can pick him up because I have to get ready for work, not even mention teach him that he can’t behave that way. So I resist. Then after the bedroom it’s off to the bathroom and make up. He jumps on top of the toilet, off of the toilet, then onto the floor, then he’s sticking his hands into the toilet. I’m trying to breath. Trying to breath. But I can’t. I try to count to ten. That’s not working either.

“Benjamin, where are your shoes baby? Why don’t you go find your shoes.”


“Okay, you know what – out of here. Out, now. You’re driving me crazy.” He toddles away out of the bathroom and then I want to cry. I feel horrible. I love him so much and just want to run up and cuddle him. I hate losing my temper with a 21 month old. But I do – and it’s usually always first thing in the morning.

He returns a few seconds later with my slipper. He’s trying to put it on my foot. I comply. “Where’s the other one?” He departs and returns a few minutes later with the missing slipper. This bought me enough time to put on my eyeliner and finish up my mascara. But now he’s back at it.

I’ll give him a treat. Yes! A treat. The quick fix to any time crunched single mama. It buys me enough to time to finish up a few things. We’re ready to go. Finally. But now he’s dodging me. Running away from me so I can’t put his coat on. Fun. This is great. I can’t catch my own kid. He’s using the coffee table as a buffer and laughing his ass off while I’m frantically trying to catch him. Then I start laughing too. This is the best part about being a mom. One minute you’re ready to jump off of a cliff and the next you’re laughing and bursting with pride and joy. My kid knows how to push my buttons but he also knows how to make me laugh.

I’ll have to focus on that positive reinforcement more in the mornings. It’s just so hard when you’re rushed and tired. Like I said, some are better than others…here’s for hoping that tomorrow is one of the good ones.

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