Who takes pictures of you?

by mssinglemama on December 23, 2007


This is one of a handful of pictures I have of Benjamin and I together. Thanks to a mirror and my wonderful camera. I snapped it just one week after leaving my ex-husband. Benjamin was just 4 months old (isn’t he a cutie!!!). Anyway, to date I have had only a few taken of us together by an outside party.

The holidays are here and I’m actually hoping someone will snap a few pictures of us together.

Just wondering what other single moms do. I could hire a professional photographer. I could ask my friend to take pictures of us every time they come over. Which they would – I guess I just forget to ask. I don’t think about it every day and now two years later I’m like – oh crap – no pictures of us together. That sucks. Same with all of my video of Benjamin – it’s all of him and my voice behind the camera.

Merry Christmas or Holidays by the way…might not get to write again for a few days. Just remember to get lots of group shots at your family gatherings.

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